Working Away from Home


As a web developer I’m always on the go and often times have to work on projects away from home. While the rest of the world is going mobile, I still prefer to sit at a desk, with a full keyboard and mouse, and pound away on my project without worrying about battery life. Not to mention having access to high speed broadband and not sharing one WiFi connection with 30 other people. But for me, the real problem with working away from home is that sometimes it’s difficult to find an environment suitable for thinking and quality work, but I tend to be productive wherever I go. Usually I stick to my three favorite places to work in public: book stores, coffee shops and libraries.

Commercial book stores (Barnes & Noble, Border’s, etc.) are my first choice for telework. Usually because they combine the vast resources of a book store with the seating and beverages of a coffee shop. Many larger book stores have a coffee shop inside and WiFi is usually free. If you’re really lucky, they offer free coffee refills. A local coffee shop is my next choice for working away from home. The environment is usually more relaxed, the furniture is always better and the coffee always fresh and unique. However, some coffee shops can get loud and seating can be limited. Although you’re not always in control of when you need to finish a project, try to find a time that doesn’t usually have so many customers (Weekend mornings, lunch rush hour, etc.). Another great way of beating the crowds is to support a newly opened establishment. Break ground before this become the new “hot spot” in the area. My final choice for working away from home are libraries. Most libraries offer free WiFi internet and offer extensive resources on your topic (for obvious reasons). However, unlike a book store, many of the books may be too dated for technology subjects, but libraries are great for research and academic projects.

Regardless of where I go to do my work away from home, most of my projects require an internet connection. You can’t always have direct access to fast broadband, but most of the time WiFi connections are suitable. The important thing is placing yourself in an environment where you can be creative and productive!

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