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If you love social media and have the ability to quickly and efficiently connect with customers, you may consider working as a social media manager. Many companies hire interns to manage their social media accounts. This post talks about how you can poise yourself to help companies focus their social media efforts and have a more solid voice across their accounts.

Content Marketing and Social Media

Not too long ago I read the book titled Epic Content Marketing by Joe Pulizzi. One of the points he makes is on how most companies use social media incorrectly. Social media is best used to share content and messages already developed by the company. When properly used, it is a powerful channel of communication. Many companies treat social media like a blog. They post stand alone content onto Facebook and Twitter and use their social media accounts as the actual content platform. Your job as a social media manager is to utilize a company’s social media outlets in the larger context of content marketing.

Social Media and Video

Social Media and VideoWith broadband and high speed internet becoming more and more common, video has gained enormous popularity.  Info-graphics and memes are great ways to engage your customers, but quality video content is always preferable.  Humans can read 2x faster than they can listen.  But the benefit of seeing the body language and other visual stimuli in a video far outweigh speed.

Creating Video Content

Many companies don’t have video content because it is often time consuming and expensive to create.  However, there are some great ways to integrate inexpensive video content into your social media campaigns:

  • Purchase affordable videos and slideshows on
  • Utilize already created video content from YouTube or Vimeo
  • Use low cost, high quality cameras to produce documentary and interview content
  • Create short videos as introductions to longer text content

Mobile Friendly Content

The majority of social media sites are designed to be mobile friendly. Most sites will direct you to download their mobile app, rather than use the website. So, when you post content directly onto the site, you don’t need to worry so much about the content being mobile friendly. However, part of content marketing is using social media to direct visitors to your website. What you don’t want to happen is for users to browse through your perfectly formatted social media content and then land on your website that isn’t optimized for mobile devices. As a social media manager, you may have to work closely with information technology (IT) staff to improve the quality of the company website.

The Future of Mobile

It is undeniable that future marketing models must include a focus on mobile devices. Many sites are already experiencing 50% or more of their visitors using mobile devices. Any social media campaigns MUST take this to heart!

Buying Social Media Followers

Buy Social Media FollowersOver the last 5 years, thousands of websites have popped up where you can buy social media followers.  Essentially you give a company $10 and they magically add X amount of social media followers to your account.  This can be done with Facebook fans, Twitter followers, Pinterest followers, YouTube subscribers and many more.  Out of this new business model has arisen the debate:  Is buying social media followers ethical?

Argument For

Some argue that artificially adding followers to your account helps you stand out from the crowd and creates an air of legitimacy.  Just like a product commercial hires paid actors to tell you how great the product is.  Humans are much more likely to join a group instead of being the first to take action.  This is the classic reason why middle school dances have empty dance floors.

Argument Against

Others say that by purchasing your social media followers you are “tricking” people into following you.  You are pretending to be influential and have something to offer, even though you don’t.


Whether you buy social media followers or not, the truth will come out eventually.  If you think that buying social media followers will make you popular, it won’t.  It might get your foot in the door, but creating a successful social media campaign comes from providing value and engaging with your followers.  This is the ultimate goal of the social media manager.

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