When Do Students Enroll in College?


Some of my website projects involves creating sites that connect new college students with university and vocational training programs. This provides students with an opportunity to receive free information from a wide variety of colleges and training organizations about their programs, cost, and job opportunities. Connecting students with universities can be a lucrative business. However, the difficulty is identifying educational opportunity niches that aren’t totally saturated with huge amounts of competition. The next key is targeting the appropriate population and positioning the website to grab their attention. Of course the most important aspect of any website is to provide informative content.

Some of the educational programs I’ve reviewed include:

Traffic Roller Coaster

Because the success of these sites revolves around the enrollment of college students, the traffic and success of the sites is always changing. Like college enrollment, sites that target students will see waves of traffic throughout the year. Most of this is dependent on when students are searching for college and other training programs. Knowing when to expect increased traffic and when to expect a dramatic decrease can help you avoid anxiety or identify problems in your site relevancy.

Fall Semester vs. Spring Semester

The data provided by the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center shows that most first-time college students enroll during the Fall semester. When you think about it, it makes the most sense. Students come out of high school during the summer months and then jump right into college during the Fall. However, there are a significant amount of students that begin their college adventure during the Spring as well. Most likely this is due to not being fully prepared directly after high school or the typical “taking a break” before starting college courses.

Timing of First-Time College Students

Training Programs that Break the Trends

Some training programs break the traditional college enrollment trends. That is because they often don’t occur on a traditional college campus. Many online training programs and vocational programs such as with the certified registered nurse or veterinary technician can be completed on campuses or online classrooms that specialize in that specific field.

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