What my cat taught me about business


Sometimes inspiration comes from the most surprising places. Yes,  cats are lethargic,  arrogant and particular about their surroundings.  But there is one behavior my cat has that taught me something simple about running a business: intention.

My cat spends most of his day sleeping, which is typical.  But what’s interesting, is how precise and motivated he is with every waking moment.  As soon as he steps out of bed,  he has a goal and very rarely gives up until it is accomplished.  This can be observed with his eating and cleaning habits or dragging his brother out of bed to wrestle.  But his tenacity is most obvious when he wants to go outside. It involves persistent meowing,  leg rubbing and endless staring competitions. These are techniques he knows work,  so he sticks to his guns until he gets the results he seeks.

This is a lesson many entrepreneurs learn the hard way.  Rather than take the time to create productive habits that produce consistent results,  many people seek immediate gratification with shortcuts.  Stop grasping in the dark for get rich quick methods.  Learn from my feline friend and spend every waking moment building your business around clear intentions and efficient activities.

What my cat taught me about business

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