What Happened to Working Hard?


Working HardAs a web designer, many people look at my work as “effortless” because, compared to construction services or an auto mechanic, the physical effort I exert to provide my services is minimal. However, just like in any profession, with web design, there is quite a large amount of stress, long periods of focus and plenty of physical anxiety involved.

The purpose here isn’t to whine and say, “Poor web designer, he has hard work too!” No. In fact, it’s just the opposite. People who make, or try to make, a living from services provided over the internet, need to work harder.

Every day I’ll get some spam message about how I can make thousands of dollars from home. A new “proven” way to market my products and services or drive traffic to an already existing website. If there’s one thing I learned growing up, it’s that nothing comes easy. Nothing in this world, that has value, was ever generated with zero effort. The products and services we pay to use have value because someone identified a need and filled the gap. Sometimes it’s as simple as writing a 40-page eBook. Sometimes it requires the establishment of an entirely new sector in manufacturing. The bottom line is:

If you want to be successful, it takes work.

I don’t dislike work. I just want to stop being flooded with emails of how $10 spent on SEO services will get my site to the front page. It’s just not realistic. I’d rather someone say, “Hey, there’s no absolute guarantee, but if you want good results, here’s all the work you need to do.” It’s so much more believable than, “Make $1,000 in your first hour!”

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