Ways to Make Passive Income with your Writing


Make Passive Income WritingSo you want to make money with your writing? There are hundreds of ways to earn an income with your writing on the internet. Most people start off by writing on a per-post basis (i.e., get paid $10 for a 500 word article). If you’re writing for someone else, you have to research, find the right vocabulary, etc. It takes time. So, if it takes you an hour to write a 500 word article, you might as well go work at McDonalds, because you’re making minimum wage (in California at least).

You don’t want to write as a service, trust me. You want to write something once keep generating passive income from it. Here are a few options for generating passive income with your writing:

Creating a blog is one of the fastest ways to begin generating revenue from your writing. Although, you don’t directly earn money from writing each post. Your blog posts drive traffic to your site. When visitors land on your site, they click ads or purchase affiliate products you offer.  The more high quality posts you have, the more traffic you can generate, and the more income you can make.

Writing short ebooks is a great way to begin creating a name for yourself as an author without taking years to complete a project. Also, ebooks don’t have hard-to-navigate publication aspects like traditional publishing. You can easily find someone to convert your book into a Kindle or ePub format for publication on Amazon and other online book sites. You make money by writing the ebook once and selling for a lower price (usually $0.99-4.99 each).

Adsense Revenue Sharing
Post your articles to already established websites and earn a share of the ad income from the site when visitors read your posts and click ads on your pages. Popular revenue sharing sites are HubPages and Squidoo.

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