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Hello everyone.  This week I want to introduce all you fashion minded folks how to make money selling custom designed clothing online!  If you’ve ever wanted to start a t-shirt company, design bags or create clothing accessories, this article will introduce you to some easy ways to get started.

Third-Party Product Creators

The innovations in drop-shipping have brought about some pretty impressive business models.  With third-party product creators you can quickly create and sell custom designed clothing online, without a website or domain name.


Etsy Trending allows you to quickly create your own online shop and sell your homemade items, vintage products or  craft supplies online.  Etsy does not provide sellers with any design tools. It is simply a platform for selling unique clothing items online.


Zazzle Designer - Sell Custom Clothing has higher prices than other competitors, but their tools are easy to use.  Creating a store takes about 5 minutes.  To create products, you upload images and add them to any of the 1,000s of products.  You make money through direct sales or with an affiliate link.

Cafe Press

Cafe Press - Create an Online Clothing has a very similar model to Zazzle.  They offer a wide variety of products for you to add your designs to.  They also provide some custom design tools that allow you to add text and other design elements.


The classic way to sell clothing, online or otherwise, is to actually manufacture your own products.  There are pros and cons to doing business this way.  On the good side, the profit margins are much higher, because you don’t pay any middle men to produce the products.  You’re getting your products factory direct.  Negatively, it’s harder and more expensive to create many different products.  There is also the issue of storing the inventory.

Sales Channels for Goods in Hand

If you have actual product in your possession, you need to find a way to sell it.  There are many different ways to sell your custom clothing online.  Here are a few of the common online sales channels:

eBay.  Quickly get your products in front of millions of buyers.  eBay made its mark with auctions and may not be the best place to sell clothing.  However, if you are selling clothing in bulk, there are some good options for sellers with lots.

Amazon. Again, Amazon is not really the best place to sell custom clothing, but it is a fast way to get exposure.  Setting up and Amazon sellers account is fast and easy.

Business Website.  This is probably the best option for selling custom clothing online.  It allows you to create a brand and image for your clothing, rather than simply looking like a third-party vendor.  Creating an e-commerce website is much easier than you think.  Simply search for “e-commerce website package” and do your research with the larger, more reliable hosting companies.  The other option is to build your own website with WordPress or another content management system.

Successful Example of Custom Clothing Website

There are many successful examples of businesses that sell custom designed clothing online.  One of my favorites is OmThat.  This site focuses on high end apparel, furniture and accessories that represent a “lifestyle brand which embraces the Laws of Attraction and philosophical approach.”  OmThat is more than just an online clothing store.  The products support the lifestyle and philosophy of the customers and have meaning beyond their material value.



Hopefully some of these tools will get you started in the right direction with building your own online clothing store.  Many people use sites like Zazzle and CafePress to get started and later expand to manufacturing their own products.  However you decide make your fashion mark online, take the time to create excellent products first, then choose your sales channel wisely.

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