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I provide written content for a lot of different websites. Some of them are for my own projects, some of them are clients’. Today I submitted my online application to to be one of their online journalists. My hopes are to gain access to a wide audience and a platform that will allow to promote my projects.

Part of the application was to provide a sample article. Below is the contents of my submission.

Note: all content, including references and quotes, are purely fictional.

Today a young man in California named Brendon Barnett was accused of aggressive use of commas in his Digital Journal application. After an in-depth analysis, authorities have confirmed that the use of these commas was not unlawful, but may be construed by some as disruptive, unsettling, and flagrant. Opinions are varied, as readers of the online digital network have both supported and denounced the man for his actions.


The use of commas has always been incorporated into the text of online journalist applications. In fact, many would say that commas are necessary, perhaps even required, because they provide natural breaks in reading flow. When asked about how the network views the use of commas in content, David Silverberg, editor-in-chief of Digital Journal Inc, said, “We don’t care either way. As long as the content is written in a professional and informative manner. It’s up to the readers to decide whether they want to swallow it or not.”


That doesn’t change the fact that some people are outright enraged about what Mr. Barnett did in his latest application. “I’m not against punctuation, but what we saw in his application was just nasty,” said one of Brendon’s fellow journalists.


To make matters worse, there is a fierce debate amongst the peers of Mr. Barnett regarding his use of the “Oxford Comma” in his writing. Some journalists argue that the use of the comma is unnecessary, unsightly, and just plain wrong. Brendon responded to these allegations saying, “I don’t write boring sentences. Sometimes the Oxford Comma helps the reader distinguish items in a series that would be unclear without it.” Joking about the common misunderstanding people have about the Oxford Comma he said, “Grab a spoon and a bowl of milk people. You’re going to have to digest my ‘serial’ commas whether you like it or not.”

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