Making Money with Fiverr


Make money online with FiverrOne of the fastest growing service-oriented websites over the last couple years is Fiverr.  Fiverr is a site that allows sellers to offer services or products (gigs), each with a starting price of just $5. The service/product categories are far reaching and full of potential.

Choosing a Gig

The most difficult part about making money with Fiverr is choosing a gig to offer.  There are all different kinds of gigs, in a wide variety of main categories:

  • Graphics & Design
  • Online Marketing
  • Writing &Translation
  • Video & Animation
  • Music & Audio
  • Programming & Technology
  • Advertising
  • Business

The key to being successful on Fiverr is creating a gig that will have regular buyers and the time to complete the gig is minimal.  You don’t want to sell a gig that takes 2 hours to complete.  That would be $2.50 per hour for your time.


Many of the sellers on Fiverr live outside the U.S.  The site is very appealing to people in developing countries because of the currency exchange.  If you live in Haiti and can make $5 per day, you would be making  nearly twice the income of the average Haitian.

On the other hand, if you have the ability to generate lots of traffic and purchases of your gig, you might consider outsourcing the work.  You will make less money from each gig, but your involvement in completing the work is minimal.

Gig Extras

For sellers that have been successful, you can begin to offer “gig extras” to your customers.  Gig extras allow you to add additional services to your gig and charge more than $5 total.  For top rated sellers, you can create gigs with up to 4 gig extras and offer a gig that sells for a total up to $405 when buyers purchase all gig extras!


$5 gig – convert photo into cartoon

$5 gig extra – provide PNG file with transparent background

$20 gig extra – convert photo with 2 people in the picture

$10 gig extra – will deliver in ONLY 2 days

If someone purchased your gig and ordered all three gig extras, you would be selling your gig for $40!

Example Income

It may sound like chump change, but it is possible to make significant income on Fiverr.  If you sold a gig with an average $10 every day, you would be making $300 per month.  Some people can earn a full time income on Fiverr, but most people in the U.S. are making money on Fiverr to supplement their existing income.  You success on Fiverr is determined by you choosing a quality gig, providing excellent customer service and delivering a quality product.

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