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Share is a FREE service that allows you to monetize hyperlinks on your website. When a user clicks a link, they are briefly shown an advertisement like this. This is a great way to generate passive income on any website that is getting decent traffic. - Monetize your links

How to Use

Here are a couple ways you can use the service to make money online:

Premium Content
Give away a free ebook, but force people to view an advertisement displayed by before they are able to download. Only give access to certain premium content (lists, full articles, etc.) once the visitor has passed through the advertisement gateway. Each view earns you money. - Social ShareSocial Media Sharing
Do you have a website that currently gets a lot of sharing on social media networks like Facebook and Twitter? Monetize your website’s social network shares. All you need to do is to place the Social Share Widget on the page you want to share and earn. All the clicks in social buttons will go through the shortener so you can increase your revenue even more.

Blogspot Comments
A tool that allows you to bring together both your hobby and profits. comment monetizer provides you with the a user-friendly way to earn, using your Blogspot posts’ comments. Simply add a script and it turns the links from blogspot comments into sustainable income.


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