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If you enjoy reviewing products, there is a fun and easy way to turn your reviewing passion into cash.  Many products that you can review are available for purchase on  Amazon offers an affiliate program that allows you to promote products on and make money from customer purchases.  Making money with by writing product reviews can be summed up with these 5 easy steps:

  1. Sign up for an Amazon affiliate account
  2. Create a product review website
  3. Write product reviews
  4. Link to reviews to Amazon products
  5. Cash your check!

Sign up as an Amazon Associate

The first step to earning money with product reviews and is to register as an Amazon associate.  It’s fast and easy to create an Amazon associate account.  You simply provide your personal information, register the account and start creating affiliate links.

Create a Product Review Blog

Make Money with and Product ReviewsWordPress is a fast and affordable way to create a blog website.  You can setup a WordPress website within 30 minutes on sites like HostGator, Bluehost or Go Daddy.

Choosing a WordPress Theme

Some WordPress themes are designed specifically for providing product reviews.  One of the most popular Amazon WordPress themes is the Amazillionaire WordPress theme.  I have used it on numerous Amazon review sites. It quickly integrates your Amazon Associate info into every blog post, provides buy now buttons and even pulls in current product prices directly from

Here are some other recommended WordPress themes focused on product reviews:

Write Product Reviews

Write quality content
Anyone can throw up some words about a product and call it a review.  If you want to keep visitors coming back again and again to read your reviews, you must focus on content.  The key to becoming a successful product review writer is to write high quality original content.  Here are some ideas to help you construct thorough content for each product review:

  • Target group – who is this product ideal for?
  • Features – what does the product do/have? Be as detailed as possible.
  • Main benefit – what is the main problem this product solves or unique feature it offers?
  • Practical details – how much does it cost, what are the guarantees, etc.?

Buy or Ask for the Product.  It’s hard to review a product if you’ve never actually used it or owned it.  This is what makes product reviews somewhat difficult, but at the same time, if you have the ability to personally review products, there is a lot less competition with quality first hand reviews.  I understand that buying every product you want to review can become expensive so you may start with borrowing them from others, testing them in stores or even asking the manufacturer to provide you with a review product.

Pros and Cons.  Talk about what’s good and also what’s bad about the product.  Help people get a clearer idea of what the product can offer before they buy.  Cons aren’t always a bad thing.  Saying, “this camera is great for outdoor adventures, but is not water proof or resistant.”  That may sound like a con, but if you’re not shopping for a waterproof camera, it doesn’t really matter.

Alternative Products.  One way to increase the likelihood of visitors clicking on an Amazon affiliate link is to offer alternative products that have their own links.  Some of the WordPress themes will automatically include “similar products” at the bottom of product posts, but it’s also helpful to include alternative product links in the body of the review.

Your Personal Opinion and Recommendation.  When you think about review sites like Yelp, TripAdvisor, or Amazon one of the most helpful pieces of information when making a purchase choice are the personal reviews of others.  After your analysis of the product, provide your personal opinion, it makes a difference.

Link to Amazon Products

In order to earn a commission when reviewing Amazon products, you must include your affiliate link to the product somewhere in your review.  As an Amazon affiliate, you can use the built in Amazon affiliate toolbar and link to any product by simply visiting the page and clicking the “Link to this page” button on the toolbar (see below).  There are some easier options, like using the Amazillionaire WordPress theme above that can help you automate this linking process.

Amazon Affiliate Toolbar

Product Widgets

Another great tool for linking to relevant products on your review pages is to use Amazon affiliate widgets. These widgets are tools allow you to quickly add interactive search and product listings to any page.

 Video Reviews

Make Money with YouTube and Google AdsenseKill two birds with one stone by providing product reviews using video.  You can review a product, upload the video to YouTube and have the video both on your website and YouTube.  Get double the exposure for your reviews.  You also have the opportunity to earn money with your YouTube videos.  I also recommend you include an affiliate link to the product in the video description field.

Now get out there and review some products!

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