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This week I have a short article that will show you how to make money reviewing music online. is an online music reviewing service.  As an artist you can submit your musical pieces and have them reviewed by honest listeners.  But, you can also become a reviewer and make money from your reviews.

This is a great option for people who listen to music while they’re at work, studying or just have some spare time.  I find that on average I can review 3-5 songs in a 10 minute span.  Then I take a small break and o it again.

How it Works

Slicethepie - Make money reviewing musicMaking money reviewing music online at Slicethepie is fast and easy.  There are no special skills needed.  Just follow these 3 easy steps:

  1. Create a Slicethepie account.
  2. Visit the review section and click the “Play” button.
  3. Listen to the music for the required time and write a short honest review.

That’s it!  The more reviews you make, the more you earn.

How Much Can You Earn?

Let me be blunt, at Slicethepie you’re not going to earn a full time wage.  But depending on how many reviews you write and how regularly you listen, you could easily make between $10-50 per month.  You couldn’t do this as a full time job, you’d get burnt out in a couple days.  But, you can add it to your portfolio of income opportunities.  Whenever you want to listen to some music, head over to Slicethepie and write some reviews.  You’ll get the opportunity to listen to unique music from upcoming professionals and make money at the same time.

Make Money as a Slicethepie Affiliate

Slicethepie - Friend review bonusNot only can you make money by listening to music and writing reviews, but you can also make money as a Slicethepie affiliate.  By referring your friends, family and others to Slicethepie, you make 10% of your referral’s earnings.  So, if they make $50 per month, you make $5!  Imagine if you had 20-30 referrals earning money for you!

Writing Quality Reviews

Slicethepie is looking for people who will write honest, insightful reviews.  The more information you give about the music, the better the review.  The higher quality reviews make more money.  Here are a couple tips for writing quality reviews:

Likes and Dislikes.  Describe what you enjoyed about the music and what you didn’t.  Be specific about vocals, instruments, bass lines, etc.

Lyrics.  Was there something about the lyrics in the song that spoke to you?  Were the lyrics understandable?  Did the message combine well with the music?

Composition. Think about the music and lyrics as an entire composition.  Did it work well as a single piece? Were there parts that felt out of place?  Were there long sections of repetitive music or lyrics that made the piece boring?

Have fun!

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