Make Money Creating Free Game Apps with No Coding Experience


Have you ever wondered how people make money creating simple game apps? Well, with this course you can learn how to create your own game apps and start making money now!  The creators of this course started making apps in October 2013.  In the video above you can see proof of how the course creators have made more than $39,000 selling apps online.

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Course Requirements

There are a couple simple requirements you’ll need to meet before you can take advantage of this course.  These are requirements that almost anyone can meet:

  • Internet connection.
  • No previous knowledge required.
  • Google Play developer account.
  • iOS developer account.
  • Subscription to the app making system- FREE to try. (See FAQ for price)
  • Computer

Course Details

2048 Number Puzzle App
2048 Number app with over 1.2 million downloads as of December 2014.

Every day millions of people are downloading apps onto their smart phones and tablets.  It’s time to get a piece of the pie! In this course you’ll learn how to design, create and upload game apps that will earn you passive income.  Some of the key concepts in the course will teach you how to:

  • Use a popular website that allows you to create & design game apps using simple drag & drop game templates.
  • Make simple fun games like Tetris, Puzzle, Memory and more.
  • Create and add sounds to your game apps.
  • Build an activity game app that includes multiple games in one app.
  • Use tips and tricks developed by course creators to make game apps more quickly and efficiently.
  • Design enticing games that keep users playing for longer times.
  • Duplicate a game app and make it ready to upload on all platforms (iOS, Android, Amazon, etc.).
  • Create universal apps that can be played on any device.

How to Make Money Creating Free Game Apps

This game app creation course will show you how to make money with banner ads using Admob or other Cost Per Click (CPC) banner advertising.  By creating game apps with advertising, you can offer your games on the Google Play or Apple Apps store for free.  You then make money when people download your free game and click on in-game advertisements.

Imagine how much money you could make if 1.2 million people were playing your app!

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