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This week I’m going to show you how I make $75-100 every month in residual income from job listing websites. is one of the largest employment websites.  They provide job seekers with search functions and information about job vacancies in their area.  As an Indeed publisher you can earn money by referring job seekers to those job listings.

How to Make Money with Publisher Earnings
My actual Indeed publisher earnings from December 2014.

The first step is to sign up as an publisher. Once you create an account you will be given a variety of tools to use to earn money.  The beauty about all of the Indeed tools, is that the visitor doesn’t have to click any links in order for you to make money.

By simply placing any of the Indeed widgets onto your web page, any visitor gets a tracking cookie installed on their computer.  This tracking cookie lasts 60 days.  If the visitor goes to and visits a sponsored listing within that 60 day period, you make money as a referrer.

Website Ideas

Indeed provides you with the tools to make money once you have visitors.  Creating a website that generates traffic is your responsibility.  There are many different website ideas that would make Indeed job listings and job searches relevant.  Some of my most successful job listing websites have included this type of information:

  • Occupational salary info
  • Job duties
  • Occupational education requirements
  • Working environment

My favorite site for getting information about general occupations is the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.  It provides real info and data from official government sources. Jobroll Widget

Indeed jobroll widgetThe Jobroll widget allows you to create customized listings of actual job openings. In the image to the right, you can see a screenshot of a jobroll widget I made for vacant registered nurse positions.

The jobroll widget works best on a page that describes the actual occupation shown in the listings.  In this case, I would create a page that talks about the registered nurse occupation.  You can see this widget in action on this page about registered nurse salary.  It is located in the right sidebar towards the bottom. Search Widgets search widget

If you don’t want to include actual job listings, you can simply place a search widget on your web page. When visitors search for jobs, they are taken to a results page that shows them the search results. The tracking cookie discussed above is installed on their computer and you can earn referrer income if they click on any listings within 60 days.

Job Search API

If you have a technology and programming background, you may be able to take advantage of the advanced Indeed tools. The Indeed job search application program interface (API) gives you the ability to create custom job search solutions for your website in over 50 languages.  Many people who use the API option are creating a more robust website that shows the listings on the website’s pages, rather than referring visitors to This has a much higher potential to earn more money because visitors are viewing and clicking on multiple job openings.


If you create a website with useful and relevant information, it will draw visitors in.  Once they’re on the site, you can provide them with Indeed’s tools to find real jobs in their area.  Once you have the website built and traffic flowing in, the Indeed referral earnings flows in without additional effort.

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