SERP Shaker Review: Local Pages Ninja WordPress Plugin Alternative


Are you looking for the Local Page Ninja WordPress plugin to download?  Well, after just a little research I realized that the software is no longer available.  That’s when I decided to do some more in depth research, because it didn’t make sense that such a powerful tool was no longer available to internet marketers.  And I was right.

From Donald VanFossen, one of the original creators of the Local Pages Ninja WordPress plugin I present:

SERP Shaker: Local Pages Ninja Plugin Alternative

Download Now!

What is Local Pages Ninja Plugin?

Local Pages Ninja plugin was released back in 2011 and it allowed you to quickly and easily create unique content targeting local geographic areas.  In fact, I’ve used this plugin to create WordPress blogs with over 10,000 posts, each targeting a specific U.S. city!  SERP Shaker takes everything that was awesome about Local Pages Ninja and makes it even better.  Check out the demo and see for yourself!

Here are just some things you can do with SERP Shaker:

  • Bring in more affiliate traffic
  • Bring in more leads
  • Bring in more adsense clicks
  • Bring in more CPA traffic
  • Build sites worth flipping

And this is just the beginning.  Any internet marketing campaign that you can conceive that targets local markets can be exploited with SERP Shaker: The Local Pages Ninja WordPress plugin alternative!


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