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Hello All,

This is Brendon with B&L Marketing. What if I told you that in a matter of days you could have a website of 6,000 or more unique pages, each targeting a different long tail keyword and poised to generate organic traffic!? Let me introduce Job Jetstream.

Due to its popular demand with my inner circles, I have just publicly released the Job Jetstream marketing strategy on the Warrior Forum for a ridiculous price of $29.95! For the last year,  I have offered a $1,299 one-on-one coaching series to close friends and associates that walks you through how to implement mass local SEO strategies.

With this eBook I will teach you how to combine mass local SEO strategies with a popular job search affiliate program for only a fraction of my coaching course!

-=[PROVEN RESULTS]=- Mass Local SEO + Job Listings = Passive Income

Show Me the Money!

Everyone is skeptical about online marketing. They key is to offer real value, in the real economy! Personally, I like to focus on lead generation offers, but this strategy works with all types of revenue streams:

Lead Generation:

PPC Ads:

CPA Offers:

-=[PROVEN RESULTS]=- Mass Local SEO + Job Listings = Passive Income

What You Need to Get Started

Anyone can implement the proven marketing methods in this eBook. Also, you can get started for under $20! All you need to start making passive income is:

  1. Hosting account.
  2. WordPress installed.

That’s it. Everything else you need is included with the download.

What You Get

  • 40+ page eBook with step-by-step instructions on how to implement this strategy.
  • Job Jetstream plugin to add Jobs2Careers job listings, spintax, and Google maps into you posts using simple shortcodes ($39 value).
  • 7 Instructional Videos showing step-by-step instructions for visual learners.
  • List of cities with 6,000+ population used for mass local SEO strategy.

What You’ll Learn

This guide will teach you how to:

  • Find high volume local SEO keywords.
  • Quickly create thousands of unique content posts (one for each city) without writing each one!
  • Earn passive income using the Jobs2Careers Publisher Program.
  • Supplement Jobs2Careers income by placing PPC ads (Adsense, Media.net, etc.) on all your pages in one step.

Free WordPress Plugin Included!

I’ve developed a plugin that automates many of the steps in the eBook. It’s not available anywhere else and  free when you purchase the eBook.

Quickly Add Jobs2Careers Job Listings

The Job Jetstream plugin has a built-in shortcode [jjs] that allows you to quickly insert Jobs2Careers job listings on any page or post using your Jobs2Careers Publisher ID.


No need to copy Javascript code onto each page!

Add Google Map Related to Job Listings

The Job Jetstream plugin has a built-in shortcode [jjs_map] that allows you to quickly insert a Google Map search results on any page or post.

Indeed Publisher WordPress Plugin

Text Spinner

The Job Jetstream plugin has a built-in shortcode [jjs_spin] that allows you to add spintax to your post and visitors see the spun result:

You write this:


Data scientist jobs in {city} are {increasing|growing|expanding} {quickly|rapidly|faster than average} {based on|based upon|according to} the {Bureau of Labor Statistics|U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics|BLS}.


Plugin Displays one of the Possible 81 Outcomes:

  • Data scientist jobs in {city} are growing rapidly, based on the BLS.
  • Data scientist jobs in {city} are increasing rapidly, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.
  • Data scientist jobs in {city} are expanding rapidly, based upon the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
  • etc.

Why Spintax Works

So many people have told me, “spinning content doesn’t work, Google knows the difference.” Actually, if you do it right, Google doesn’t know you’re using spintax. In this eBook I share the tips and proven methods to effectively rank on Google using spintax!

Generate Real Traffic to your Pages

This method generates real traffic to your sites. Check out these screen shots from site launch to 12 months:

-=[PROVEN RESULTS]=- Mass Local SEO + Job Listings = Passive Income

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