eBook – How to Create Content that Dominates Local Keywords

Are you sick of eBooks and courses that don’t teach you HOW to implement?

This Guide Provides the Strategy to Quickly Create Content that
Dominates Local Market Keywords

Local search volume is growing like crazy. Every day people use very specific internet search strings to find products and services in a local area:

“two bedroom apartments in Louisville, KY”
More than 30% of all searches include local keywords:
local keyword searches
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Just because you don’t have a business that offers such products or services doesn’t mean you can’t play a part in their search and profit from it! What if I told you that there is a way to slip in as the middle man and with PPC ads, affiliate products, CPA offers and lead generation programs you can profit from these local searches? This eBook will teach you time-tested methods to quickly build niche sites that hone in on local markets. I’ve been using these methods for years.


“But you Don’t Have to Take My Word for It!”

Check out some reviews by other readers:This isn’t a Guide to Build Junk Adsense Sites
Create Quality Content that RANKS IN ANY NICHE!

 Nothing in this guide will restrict you from creating a quality website that people want to browse.

I’ll show you how to develop content that dominates niche keywords. The rest is up to you!


I Give you the Key Strategies to
Build a Portfolio of Quality Niche Sites NOW

This is NOT the normal internet marketing eBook with vague strategy and generalizations. After receiving professional mentoring 3 years ago on these methods, I have been able to create niche websites that generate quality traffic. I decided to share the wealth and create this eBook, outlining the exact techniques I learned from my mentor.

This is a time-tested strategy that will teach you how to:

Dominate Local Markets. Become the middleman for consumers by quickly creating unique posts and pages that draw in visitors for your affiliate products, PPC campaigns, CPA offers or lead generation forms.

Reduce Writing time by 95% with Spintax. Forget about the haters. When done the right way, spintax works. I provide you with Google safe text spinning techniques to create hundreds of localized posts/pages in minutes.

Choose a Niche and Provide Value. This is not a get rich scheme. Learn how to take the right approach to building localized niche sites. Get some tips on providing real value to your visitors.

Choose the Right Monetization Method. “Do I use Adsense or affiliate programs to make money with this process?” The answer is, “Yes.” Get exposure to various monetization methods (PPC, CPA, Affiliate, Lead Generation, etc.) and my recommendations on how to choose the right one for your local niche.

Build a WordPress Website. If you’ve never built a WordPress website, this eBook will briefly identify the steps to find hosting, select a domain name, install the WordPress platform and begin customizing your site.

Localized Lunatic” comes with a 100% 30 day money-back guarantee. I built this product to help people. If you feel it didn’t stand up to the test, you shouldn’t have to pay. Simply let me know and I’ll cheerfully refund your money.

For the Price of a Sandwich you Can Learn how to
Dominate Local Niche Keywords!



Twenty Evergreen Niche Ideas

One of the big questions people always ask me is, “How do I choose a niche?” Sometimes the hardest part of creating an online business is coming up with the foundational idea. That’s why I’ve provided you with 20 niche ideas that will always have traffic. These niche examples will get your mind thinking locally and open your eyes to a whole new way of approaching niche sites.

If you can’t think of a niche, simply start with one I’ve already listed. Choose a niche and start using the methods in this eBook immediately! For each niche I have provided:

  • Description of why the niche is suited for a localized website.
  • Recommended monetization method for the niche (PPC, affiliate program, lead generation, etc.) and actual programs to sign up to.
  • Keyword phrase examples to use when building your localized pages.
  • Subjects to write about that are generic and universal to every location (city) in the niche.


Huge List of U.S. Cities with Lat/Long Coordinates

If you’re going to be building a localized website, you need to know your locations! One of the most tedious parts of this method is gathering information about geographic locations.This package includes a list of 30,485 U.S. cities, with the following information for each:

  • state abbreviation
  • city name
  • zip code
  • latitude
  • longitude
  • metropolitan code
  • area code


Tab 2 of the worksheet includes only cities with a 6,000+ population. Don’t spend your time targeting communities with 200 people! But you can use the list however you want. Target the entire list with your niche idea, focus on specific states, or focus on high population areas. Use the data to build dynamic zip code radius search results. The possibilities are endless!

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I aim to please. If you have any questions or need help with any of the concepts in the book, please feel free to contact me:

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