Help with Business or Website Name


Have a website or business idea but can’t think of a name? Selecting a business name may be one of the most important choices you’ll make. Your name is what people think of first when they need the service or product you offer. When you need to search for something online, you think of “Google” not “popular online search engine.” When you think of buying some good bread or donuts, you think of the business name, “Marie’s Donuts” in my case.

This name will be everywhere. It will be on all your products, associated with every service you offer and will on the tongue of your customers when they speak about your business. This is where I can help. I’ll provide you with a list of 30 names to suit your business’ character and style for only $5.

Here are my five rules for business name creation:

  1. Memorable, but easy to spell.
  2. Has a visual element
  3. Positive connotation
  4. Hints or indicates at what the business/website does
  5. Short as possible

Note: there is no guarantee that you will select any of the 30 choices, but I do guarantee that I will put much thought and effort into all of the choices.

To order, check out my gig on

I will provide a list of 30 possible website or business names for $5.

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