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Help improve local businessesNot every successful business model has to take place online.  In fact, some of the most successful sales models are built on face-to-face interactions.  When I was in high school there was a time when I would sell Kirby vacuum cleaners to residential and commercial clients.  We would come in to the home/business, do a demonstration and close the sale.  Sometimes I would get a $300 commission for a 30 minute demonstration. When you can offer a customer a product/service that will save their business money or make it more efficient, you can often sell a higher ticket item.

Vonage and Other Telecom Services

Did you know that you can get paid for converting businesses to a new telecom provider?  Many businesses, especially small offices, spend hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on their monthly phone bill.  If you can show them a way to reduce their telecom bill, you may be able to make a commission on converting them to a new company.

Vonage Referral Program

Vonage Referral ProgramOne great example of such an affiliate program is the Vonage Partner Referral Program. As a Vonage partner you can make between $200-2,500 per sale for converting a company to use Vonage’s services.  Either through email, cold calls or storefront walk-ins, you can show businesses how much money they could save if they converted to a Vonage (or other telecom company) business phone plan.  If they become a new customer, you earn a commission for the sale.

Credit Card Processing Services

Nearly all businesses that sell products or services in a storefront offer customers the option to pay with a credit/debit card.  The store itself doesn’t not maintain these credit card processing services.  They contract with another company to provide these services to them.  These credit card processing companies make their money by charging a flat rate or per transaction fee to the business.  Depending on the volume of sales a business does, credit card processing fees can become expensive.

1,000 Sales x $0.75 each transaction = $750 in fees

Now imagine there is a company that only charges $0.50 per transaction:

1,000 Sales x $0.50 each transaction = $500 in fees

Simply by changing credit card processing companies, the business has saved $250 per month.  That’s $3,000 per year!  That’s where you come in.

Companies that provide local businesses with credit card processing services are always looking for partners who will go out and convince businesses to use their services.  If you can walk into a business and show them the potential savings above, you can get that commission.

Outsourced Web Design Services

Website Design ServicesIf you do a simple search for “build a business website” you will find hundreds of companies and freelancers that offer affordable web design services for small businesses.  Your job is to simply pitch the benefits of a business website to a business and then pass the actual work onto a contractor.  There are two ways to go about this:

  1. You manage all aspects of the sale and pay a contractor to do the work.
  2. You land the sale and the web designer pays you a “finders fee” for landing the job.

Here are some of the major web design products you can approach a business with:

PPC Retargeting.  A lot of businesses use Google Adwords to drive traffic to their website.  Have you ever been shopping on a site and now an advertisement for that product follows you to every site you visit?  That’s called retargeting and there is good money in offering businesses retargeting services.

Website Design. Introduce the business to the idea of having a presence on the internet with a simple website. Typical content includes information to the public (menus, prices, hours of operations, etc.), promotional materials and social media connections.

Redesign. Many businesses have a website but it is old, out of date or poorly designed.  You can approach the business with a redesign concept that will make their website look more professional and run more efficiently.  One of the biggest problems with older websites is that the owner can’t make changes themselves.

Social Media Maintenance. If a businesses already has a well designed website, they may just need help promoting it.  You can offer hourly or monthly contracted services to maintain their business’ social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) and help them build a presence on review/rating sites such as Yelp.


Above are just a few of the types of services/products you could promote.  There are many out there and I recommend you choose a product/service you are passionate about promoting.

Remember, businesses will spend money on their business.  If you can show new efficiency, productivity and/or savings to the bottom line, you’ve got a great chance that the business will buy what you’re selling/promoting.  Do your research and find out what products/services you can offer to local businesses to help them improve and run more effectively.

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