Create Super Targeted Audience for your Products or Service


Social Interest Freak is an easy to use software that allows you to quickly and easily create a highly targeted audience for your Facebook ads. Stop wasting money on ad clicks for people who aren’t going to buy. Promote your product only the most ideal leads.

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Targeted Users

Targeted Facebook Audience for your Product or ServiceThis software allows you to create ads only for your audience. Do you want to create ads for 18-25 year old baseball players? Do you have an audience of seniors that like to gamble? Here are just some of the ways you can filter your Facebook ads to create a laser targeted audience for your product or service:

  • Demographics
    • Age
    • Sex
  • School and Education
  • Employment
    • Employer
    • Job Title
  • Behaviors
    • Have spent money online
    • Sports they play
  • Finances
    • Net Worth
    • Household Income

Facebook Marketing Software Features

  • Extremely focused audience for your specific product or service.
  • Able to target Facebook AND Instagram users.
  • Filter your ads in ways the Facebook interface won’t allow.
  • Create exceptions for people you DON’T want in your audience!

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