Become a Kindle Writing Pro in 30 Days


Become a Kindle eBook ProIf you can commit your time and little bit of money to invest in the Kindling eBook Business Training, you may become the next great eBook author! This training was developed to teach you the skills, techniques and methods for quickly producing “sales ready” Kindle eBooks.  Join the 6,000+ Kindling members, many of whom are making $10k a month using the methods in this training.

What You Get in this Training

The Kindling eBook Business Training is packed with helpful content that will kick-start your Kindle writing career.

  • Lifetime access to training materials
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Get access to top quality writing techniques for creating interesting and sales ready Kindle eBooks
  • Build your business sense to become a prosperous Kindle writer
  • Learn the methods for promoting and profiting from your Kindle eBooks


Writing Techniques

In the Kindling eBook Business Training you’ll learn awesome techniques that will help you write faster, with better content.  Learn how to capture your audience and keep them coming back for your books.  Some of the techniques include:

  • How to effortlessly come up with plots, characters and settings even if you’re not a writer.
  • How to co-author books with yourself.
  • The essential research tactic that practically guarantees your book will sell.
  • How to combine quality content with good promotion to run rings around the competition.
  • How to get unstuck when you’re feeling stuck for motivation.
  • The best way to write non-fiction if you’re just getting started.
  • How to write stories that sell WITHOUT having the writing chops of a best-selling author.
  • Why the most profitable books are written FAST.
  • A “stealth” way to appeal to the people in your target market.
  • How to use an unlikely website as your personal treasure trove of captivating story ideas.


The Art of Making Money with Kindle

Becoming a successful Kindle eBook writer is more than just writing.  Kindling eBook Business Training teaches you how to become a successful business person in the Kindle arena. Here are just a few things you’ll learn about becoming a Kindle writer and business owner:

  • 8 real life case studies of Kindling Members who are earning five and six figures a year using the strategies and techniques they learned in this program.
  • What your books MUST do if you’re serious about making really big money.
  • Why you don’t have to be a great writer to make a killing with Kindle.
  • How to launch your books for maximum sales and profitability.
  • The two types of sales magnets you should use to dramatically increase your readership and sales.
  • The secret of creating a brand that supercharges the profitability of your publishing business.
  • The biggest obstacle standing between you and publishing a book that makes you money.
  • Why word count isn’t as important as you probably think it is.
  • The “5 P’s” of writing fiction that SELLS LIKE CRAZY. (Planning, Plotting, Putting It Together, Proofing and Promoting)
  • How one Kindling Member sold 80,000 copies of a single book in 6 months with virtually no promotion.
  • The “James Patterson method” to building a cash-generating publishing empire.
  • Do this with your stories and you’ll quickly build a thriving readership of faithful fans.


Promotional Methods

Once you’ve written an eBook you need to let people know about it. Kindling eBook Business Training provides you with fast and easy ways to get readers interested in your eBook.  Learn how to increase traffic to your eBook site, increase sales and brand yourself as a professional author:

  • The #1 EASIEST way to profit from the books you publish.
  • How to successfully promote your author brand using social media and a personal website.
  • How to create links between your books.
  • Why giving away your books for free can explode your profits.
  • And much, much more!


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