Brendon Barnett

What Happened to Working Hard?

Working Hard

As a web designer, many people look at my work as “effortless” because, compared to construction services or an auto mechanic, the physical effort I exert to provide my services is minimal. However, just like in any profession, with web design, there is quite a large amount of stress, long periods of focus and plenty of physical anxiety involved. The ...

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Working Away from Home

As a web developer I’m always on the go and often times have to work on projects away from home. While the rest of the world is going mobile, I still prefer to sit at a desk, with a full keyboard and mouse, and pound away on my project without worrying about battery life. Not to mention having access to ...

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Share Ad Space Plugin for WordPress

Want to offer authors on your site a chance to generate revenue from Google Adsense on their posts? Want to do this without managing affiliate accounts or Adsense revenue totals? This plugin was designed for sites that utilize Google Adsense pay-per-click advertising and content from multiple guest authors. Shared Ad Space allows each guest author to generate revenue through their ...

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