Brendon Barnett

Become a Kindle Writing Pro in 30 Days

Become a Kindle eBook Pro

If you can commit your time and little bit of money to invest in the Kindling eBook Business Training, you may become the next great eBook author! This training was developed to teach you the skills, techniques and methods for quickly producing “sales ready” Kindle eBooks.  Join the 6,000+ Kindling members, many of whom are making $10k a month using ...

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SERP Shaker Review: Local Pages Ninja WordPress Plugin Alternative

SERP Shaker - Local Pages Ninja Wordpress Plugin Alternative

Are you looking for the Local Page Ninja WordPress plugin to download?  Well, after just a little research I realized that the software is no longer available.  That’s when I decided to do some more in depth research, because it didn’t make sense that such a powerful tool was no longer available to internet marketers.  And I was right. From ...

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How to Drive Free Traffic to Your Website Using eBay – $7 eBook

This internet marketing (IM) method will teach you how to drive FREE traffic to your website using eBay.  Use the power of eBay’s huge marketing to direct traffic to your website.  This method does not require any additional expenses.  The beauty of this internet marketing method is that you won’t have to spend your time as an actual eBay user.  ...

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